Brixton Chamber Orchestra set to chill at the Ritzy

Brixton Chamber Orchestra and The Ritzy Brixton are to present a one-off Halloween, screening of Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Vampyr, with an original orchestral soundtrack, composed and performed live by a 15-piece orchestra.

It will mark the 90th anniversary of Vampyr, a black and white silent film that paved the way for the entire horror genre.

In the film, a traveller obsessed with the supernatural arrives at a rural inn – and finds the family that lives there pulling him into a mystery that crosses between the realms of the living and the dead.

One of cinema’s great nightmares, Vampyr has lived on for 90 years through a combination of chilling imagery, ominous sound and stunning filmmaking technique.

cartoon skeletons dancing

Also on the bill will be Skelton Dance (above) from Disney’s 1929 creation Silly Symphony.

The single public showing is at 7pm on Monday 31 October.

There will also be a free matinee performance of Vampyr with BCO for local schools in Lambeth. Part of BCO’s charitable mission is to provide free music experiences for the community. “Schools, in particular, need all the free music resources they can get,” said BCO.

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