Bloodlines: mapping inheritance at the Department Store

A Brixton exhibition will explore themes of genetics and our shared origins.

Neil Groom presents a new body of work in his debut solo exhibition – Bloodlines: Mapping InheritanceDownstairs at The Department Store from today (7 October) to Sunday 9 October.

Brixton resident Neil Groom’s work is inspired by the aesthetics of scientific diagrams and charts his exploration of the genetic pathways of our past, and the molecular architecture which power all living things.

“In my work, I transcribe from scientific or hand-drawn imagery and, in the process of repetition or translation, changes and mutations are naturally made that become embedded in the fabric of the work,” he says.

“Printmaking is particularly susceptible to mutation. As multiples, it is expected that they are identical but there are many variables occurring in the process that undermine exactitude and I exploited that.”