Brixton Advice Centre surveys cost of living

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The Brixton Advice Centre (BAC) is keeping track of rising prices in Lambeth to help it target its advice and campaigning.

Working with partners including Centre 70, which is based in West Norwood, it is conducting a rolling survey to capture how the cost of living increases are affecting people living, working and studying in Lambeth.

They want to reach as many people as possible from every walk of life. 

“We know times are hard for many right now, and getting harder. We want to make sure we’re playing our part and what you tell us here can help us do that,” BAC said.

“We have not set an end date because we will be analysing responses on an ongoing basis.”


People can take part in the survey online, and BAC will also help anyone not able to do this to take part over the telephone and face to face.

The organisers of the survey will have no way of knowing who you are once you have completed it.

Any of their personal details that are included will be deleted.

The only people who will see any individual response are staff of Brixton Advice Centre, who are bound by a strict duty of confidentiality

Questions cover how local people are experiencing cost of living increases and are mainly multiple choice but there is space to provide further information if you wish.

“We anticipate that the additional information provided is likely to be very powerful given it will be evidence of the issues that real people are experiencing in the borough right now, in their own words,” BAC said.

The survey asks for some basic demographic data such as age group, whether you are in work or not, whether you have any health conditions so that the advice centre consider whether particular groups are experiencing issues in different ways, which would help it to decide how to target services around the borough

BAC will also produce summaries of what people are most concerned about as well as analysis and insights from the responses.

It will share these fully anonymous reports with other local charities and stakeholders to inform discussions on responding to cost of living increases.

If you have any questions about the survey, or suggestions how we can improve it, you can send BAC a message.