Greenpeace Brockwell Park survey reveals local fuel poverty

Greenpeace volunteers have been speaking to people in Brockwell Park, Brixton, about the connection between rising energy bills, Putin’s war, and the climate crisis.

They invited them write down how much their energy bills have increased already.

Volunteers collected 60 messages and found a universal increase in the cost of bills, with many saying their bills had doubled.

Messages from local residents included: “I have no spare money”; “I am cutting back on non-essentials and searching for bargains”; and “I am having to use my savings to pay the bills at the end of the month”.

 South-West London Greenpeace volunteer Catherine Dawkins, said: “I was shocked to hear people’s stories of having to choose between heating and eating, and how many more local people are worrying about being pushed into fuel poverty when bills rise again in the autumn.

“Greenpeace volunteers call on the government to deliver an emergency energy package that stops fuelling rising energy bills, the climate crisis and Putin’s war, and on our local MPs to keep the pressure on the government until they do the right thing.”

Greenpeace said that on 1 April energy bills went up by an average of £700, pushing 2.5 million UK households into fuel poverty.

Data analysed by Friends of the Earth shows that 25% of neighbourhoods in London are already rated worst for fuel poverty.

In October bills will rise again, potentially reaching up to an estimated £2,600 per year, which could put one in three households in fuel poverty, according to National Energy Action.

“Life is only going to get harder for people in South London,” Greenpeace said.

The government’s windfall tax on “extraordinary” oil and gas profits will only provide temporary relief and do nothing to address the causes of the climate or cost of living crises, the campaign group added.

Greenpeace South-West London is calling for a tax rate on the companies of 70%, which could bring in an extra £13.4bn per year, saying that £7.9bn of this should go towards the 6m households experiencing fuel poverty.

This would leave £5 billion to invest in the nationwide roll out of heat pumps, insulation and other energy efficiency measures as well as increasing investment in renewable energy infrastructure.

Catherine Dawkins said: “This government has failed to get a grip on the climate and cost of living crises.

“We’ll keep facing these problems for years to come while oil and gas giants pump out planet-trashing emissions and enjoy sky high profits.

“Join us in calling on the chancellor to make them pay up.”