World premiere at Brixton’s San Mei gallery

arty shot of woman
Angela Wai Nok Hui

The wonderful San Mei Gallery on Loughborough Road will host an exciting sound event on Friday 22 October.

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It is presented by Tangram – a movement of transnational artists envisioning a future beyond the China-West divide – and is curated by powerhouse percussionist Angela Wai Nok Hui.

Angela will use the concert to reflect on and explore Hong Kong identities, resistance and vulnerability through contemporary sounds.

The programme includes a world premiere of a new collaboration with experimental composer/performer Neil Luck.

There will be two performances at 4.30pm and 7.30pm on Friday 22 October.

Tickets and more information can be found on the gallery website.

The programme will be: 

Cone sound installation | Angela Wai Nok Hui (10 minutes)

this land is your land | Jasmin Kent Rodgman (10 minutes)

San Mei improv featuring James Larter (15 minutes)

Victoriana | Neil Luck (9 minutes) world premiere