The Spots That Never Went at Photofusion

Forbidden Fruit (Queer)       Image courtesy of Roelof Bakker

The Spots That Never Went” by Roelof Bakker, on show at Brixton’s Photofusion gallery, is a deeply personal reflection on the devastation of the AIDS pandemic during the 1980s and 1990s in London. Originally an artist’s book in which abstract images face short sentences such as “I remember a time when the police raided bars and clubs wearing decontamination suits and gloves,” the work has now evolved into a larger exhibition.

Some Are Here And Some Are Missing       Image courtesy of Roelof Bakker

It is an exhibition not just of images but of personal stories. Interspersed amongst the fragmented images and memories are images of fruit – forbidden here, hit by disease and decay there. It’s a very stark and uncompromising reflection on the AIDs tragedy with poignant reminders of its effects on individual lives.

Subversion X       Image courtesy of Roelof Bakker

Originally from the Netherlands, Roelof Bakker graduated in 2019 with an MA Fine Art from Cambridge School of Art. Working with a range of media and techniques, his projects address issues relating to history, memory, health, queerness, identity and the environment. 

The exhibition is free and runs until 3 December in Photofusion, 6 Canterbury Crescent, accessed via the first floor of Brixton Rec Centre, 27 Brixton Station Road, SW9 7QD (Step-free access from International House, 6 Canterbury Crescent)

Open from Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm 

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