Start off Secondhand September in Pop Brixton

woman with branded shopping bags
Shopping at a previous Kilo sale in Pop Brixton

The Brixton Vintage Kilo Sale is returning to its previous home, Pop Brixton, for the rest of this year.

Its second-hand clothing sales will take place on the first weekend of each month and are free to attend.

“Brixton is just the perfect place to hold our sales,” Sarah from the Kilo Sale team told us. “The vibrant diversity of the area means we get people from all walks of life coming and shopping with us, plus with the fact it is so easy to get to from other destinations, the decision to come here was a no-brainer.”

“Pop Brixton is a great venue for us as well. The space allows us to hold the sale almost half inside and half out, meaning we know there is always lots of fresh air circulating around the space to keep it safe in these times.”

shopping for second hand clothes

The first sale starts tomorrow at 11am – coinciding with the start of Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign. It finishes at 5pm.

“The second hand clothing movement is growing year on year and we are so happy to see this and to be a part of it!” says Sarah.

“Buying second hand is at last losing the stigma that has surrounded it, and people are actively choosing to find items second hand first, rather than head straight to the nearest high street, which is so amazing to see.

“Whether that’s on platforms like depop or vinted, shopping in charity shops, or coming to events like our Kilo Sales!”

“Initiatives like #secondhandseptember, run by Oxfam for the last three years, or fashion revolutions campaigns like ‘who made my clothes’ have really helped to bring awareness to more people and made them stop and think how they are consuming fashion!”

Oxfam is challenging people to support circular fashion by only buying second hand clothes for 30 days.

Vintage Kilo sales work on a pay-and-weigh basis, with everything at £15 per kilo. That’s roughly the weight of two jumpers!

shopping for second hand clothes

The Kilo Sale team is offering around six tonnes of retro and vintage clothing, including branded items, with more being added throughout the weekend.

Mask-wearing at the sale is encouraged and there will be no changing facilities available.

For the least-busy shopping experience, it is recommended to visit in the afternoon.

Card, cash, and digital payments will be accepted.

More information can be found on event Facebook page.

“After a much longer break than we ever thought we’d have, we can’t wait to bring our affordable clothing sale back on the first weekend of every month to Pop Brixton!” says Sarah.

“We have missed being in South London and cannot wait to see our customers, old and new, again!”