Bronze oaks in Dulwich Picture Gallery

picture of oak stump
Photo by Graham Taylor

Bronze Oak Grove’ is the new installation by artists Rob and Nick Carter in the gardens of Dulwich Picture Gallery. 

It is a circle of nine highly realistic bronze renderings of a tree stump originally drawn by Dutch 17th-century artist Jacob de Gheyn II. 

photo of stumpVisitors are invited to touch, sit, play and interact with the  installation, which will be on special loan for the next three years.

The installation is part of Rob and Nick Carter’s ongoing ‘Transforming’ series which reinterprets works from old masters, combining 3D scanning and printing with traditional lost wax bronze casting to give a lustrous, tactile and realistic finish. 

The work is a very fine celebration of nature. It’s also witty, fun and surprisingly comfortable. So if you’re in the area, go and see it.

Dulwich Picture Gallery Gallery Road, London SE21 7AD 

020 8693 5254

The Gallery is now open from Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm. Entry to the gardens is free.