Lambeth Larder funding appeal

Brixton-based social enterprise Lambeth Larder has launched a fundraising campaign so it can continue to help local people struggling with money to find emergency food and other vital support.

Lambeth Larder connects local people, groups, and businesses to create a stronger community across the borough. 

During the pandemic, its work has been needed more than ever.

It has linked community groups to businesses that have surplus food and built a new website and online Covid-19 response map.

Lambeth Larder lists more than 200 local organisations, that provide support with food, fuel, advice, mental health, and more.

Lambeth Larder volunteer Saira with its free directory

Twice a year it prints 10,000, free, paper directories, and distributes them to GP’s surgeries, children’s centres, and food banks.  

Founder Virginia Nimarkoh, nominated by Lambeth council, has been recognised by BBC Radio London as a Make a Difference Hero, for the work she has been doing throughout the pandemic.

Now Lambeth Larder wants to raise £10,000 to build on its work, empowering local people in financial crisis and providing free, up-to-date, information.

You can donate here