Half Lambeth residents have one jab, one third two as Covid cases rise

    NHS covid vaccination sign

    Less than a third of Lambeth people have had two doses of an anti-Covid vaccine and only just over half have had one.

    These levels are low compared with other parts of the UK. The number of Covid cases in the borough, while higher than in some other areas, is lower than in many other parts of London.

    Two new interactive maps created by the Zoe Project based locally at King’s College hospital use government figures on vaccinations and the project’s own findings on the number of people with Covid, enabling comparisons to be made easily.

    The project estimates, based on 5,542 people taking part in its online reporting system, that there are 916 active cases in the borough – a rate of 2,823 per million.

    Zoe Project interactive map showing estimated cases in Lambeth

    Figures per million in the neighbouring boroughs of Wandsworth and Southwark are 3,189 and 3,978 respectively.

    Exact figures for vaccinations in Lambeth are first dose, 53.2 and two doses, 31.6%.

    You can find more about the Zoe Project and how to help it by joining the more than 4.5m sending daily reports via its smartphone app at its website.

    Zoe Project interactive map showing percentage of people vaccinated in Lambeth

    A rise in confirmed cases in Lambeth of the Delta variant of Covid at the weekend triggered a third round of extra Covid-19 PCR testing in targeted areas of Lambeth run by the council and NHS Test and Trace.

    Cases are particularly high in the 20-to-35 age group.

    Extra testing for people without symptoms is available in Brixton, Clapham, Stockwell, West Norwood and Vauxhall.

    The council said all the confirmed cases have been instructed to self-isolate and their contacts have been identified.

    Everyone who lives or works in these areas is strongly encouraged to take a free Covid-19 PCR test, whether they are showing symptoms or not, and also to come forward for a vaccine if they have not already had one.

    Analysis of PCR tests can detect which variant of Covid someone has. Lateral flow tests which are available free from many sources cannot distinguish between variants.

    You can book vaccinations online at nhs.uk/covid-vaccination or by speaking to your GP.

    Cllr Jim Dickson, Lambeth council joint cabinet member for health and social care, said: “We have taken the steps to increase testing as a response to the rising number of cases we are seeing in these areas.

    “Lambeth reflects the national picture – we are at a critical point in terms of rising case rates, and the easing of restrictions has rightly been paused.

    “During this pause we are working hard to increase vaccination rates and run targeted extra testing in the borough to combat the spread of the Delta variant.

    “We are grateful to all our residents for their cooperation.

    “The efforts of our communities during previous surge testing efforts helped contain variants of concern, and I’m confident that we can do the same again.”

    PCR Covid test
    A PCR Covid test

    Enhanced contact tracing will be used for all individuals testing positive – contact tracers look back over an extended period of time to determine where the virus may have been caught.

    People with symptoms should book a free test online or by phone. You can then go to a testing site or have a kit sent to your home.

    People without symptoms should visit the council website page for extra testing.

    The council is recommending that all adults in Lambeth should continue to make use of free twice-weekly rapid tests, commonly known as lateral flow devices, alongside the PCR test as part of surge testing.

    The council said there were 380 Covid-19 cases recorded in the week to the June 12 in Lambeth, and that the current positive case rate is 116 per 100,000 people.

    This is comparable to figures being obtained in October 2020 just before the second wave of infections.

    Cases are particularly high in the 20-35 year old age group and the council is particularly encouraging people in this age range to get a PCR test as well as using regular rapid tests.

    It said a comprehensive package of self-isolation support is offered to all those required to self-isolate. Information on Lambeth council’s extra support offer is available at lambeth.gov.uk/self-isolate-help.

    Mobile testing sites where no appointment is needed have been set up:

    LocationAddressOpening times
    BrixtonWindrush Square, SW2 1EF8.30am to 5pm every day
    Clapham CommonWindmill Drive, near the playground, SW4 9DE8.30am to 5pm every day
    StockwellStockwell Memorial Gardens, SW8 1UQ8.30am to 5pm every day
    West NorwoodWaylett Place car park, 4 Waylett Place, SE27 9AE8.30am to 3pm every day
    Vauxhall139 Vauxhall Walk, SE11 5HL8.30am to 3pm every day