Teenagers ‘Big Up Brixton’ with a series of short films

Work experience students with social enterprise We Rise

Teenagers on a work experience project have created short films in response to this year’s Brixton Design Trail theme of “We Belong”. Organised by Brixton-based social enterprise We Rise, in collaboration with the design trail and Lambeth council’s Lambeth Made initiative, they filmed their feelings about belonging in Brixton.

To see the results and their ongoing Instagram campaign follow them through their handle of: bigupbrxton as they explore what “We Belong” means in Brixton. View here.
The students were given technical help from local film making experts Ray McFarlane and Rob Tavernier as well as a masterclass from two social media experts at the British Council.

Generously, Brixton based Architects, Squire and Partners allowed the group to work from their office. Something We Rise said was the ‘icing on the cake’ for the students.
Working for a real client to deliver a real project with the input of such professional expertise had a huge input on the students.

Compared to a typical school week they said: ‘It’s a different environment where people are working left right and centre. We have to be mature and act like we are – young adults. That’s the difference between school and work experience.
I prefer working because school’s is based on exams but working’s based on results and what’s actually done. With work you also connect with more people.’

Follow the bigupbrxton instagram campaign to find out more about the Brixton Design Trail and its events.