‘Without my Brixton neighbours I wouldn’t have got through the last year’

portrait of woman
Gayle Haddock

Simone Richardson meets Gayle Haddock, one of the many people who have chosen Brixton to live and work

“Without my Brixton neighbours I wouldn’t have got through the last year,” says Gayle Haddock.

Originally a “Northerner”, she has lived in London for 20 years, half of that South of the River, and six years in Brixton.

She has plenty of places to compare her current home with.

Her Dad’s job took her to Scotland and Sheffield and she herself called other parts of London home before her arrival in Brixton – where she has the joy of living near Brockwell Park and walks there whatever the weather.

“I love Brixton for so many reasons,” she says. “Being at the end of a Tube line but only 20 mins from central London, the different people, the shops.

“It has a bit of everything and such an eclectic mix of all things.”

family in park
Roxy on Dean’s shoulders and Gayle holding her son  Monroe 

Gayle says her experience of lockdowns with partner Dean and two young children, Roxy and Monroe, have made me realise how important community is.

“I feel extremely lucky that as soon as lockdown happened my Brixton street community stepped up.

“Neighbours that I now consider friends put notes through everyone’s door with contact numbers and we all became part of a WhatsApp group.

“Without my Brixton neighbours I wouldn’t have got through the last year.

“Over the summer months we would have drinks on the pavements and our kids would play.

“I will be forever grateful for them.’’

And it is from her Brixton home that runs her business consultancy Hustle & Fox.

woman in front of pond with swans
Gayle loves to walk in Brockwell Park

Gayle says her love of literature and drama and “all things creative” led her into the business which is now more than five years old.

“I am a business consultant and mentor,” she says.

“I’ve been self-employed most of my working life, so know what it’s like to grow a business from the ground up.

“I work closely with business and entrepreneurs to help them with everything from product design, business management, branding, marketing and social media. 

“I supporting them to find their voice and story, online and in person, building confidence in themselves and connecting them with other businesses for collaborations.’’ 

“Hope” is a favourite word for Gayle who is hoping for a bright future in Brixton.

“I hope for everyone. I hope to see my family and friends and to hug them tightly.

“I hope my children won’t be affected by what we’ve been through and will flourish.

“I hope my career will continue to take me on the journey and that I can continue to support people in pursuit of their dreams.’’

I hope that any businesses who need help get in touch with the lovely business lady Gayle Haddock who will bring the hope too.

They can contact her via website or Instagram: