Pending – the new show at the San Mei Gallery

Sphere by Leslie Hilling

Pending is an exhibition for our times. As much of the world is in limbo waiting for the end of the pandemic, the outcome of a contested US presidential election, an effective response to climate change, and closer to home, the full consequences of Brexit, the San Mei Gallery’s new virtual show neatly captures the sense of suspense and waiting. Optimism and pessimism, anxiety and calm, hope and foreboding find their way into an eclectic collection of objects.

Pending Sculptures by Janet Currier

The gallery invited a selection of artists to create works specifically for a lockdown exhibition. Over 70 pieces of work can be seen and purchased for modest prices. The gallery also makes no bones about the fact that this show is also about fundraising to help both individual artists and creative spaces survive these very difficult times. The world of the arts has suffered mightily from the pandemic and the lockdown. It’s too important to lose so we should try to do all we can to support it.

Embrace II by Lucy Gregory

The exhibition can be viewed at until 31 December.

The San Mei Gallery is an independent space for contemporary art in south London committed to research-led, educational and collaborative exchanges. It supports innovation and experimentation.