Electric Patterns Series: Carolyne Hill

Wandered down Electric Avenue after hours recently? Noticed anything different?!

After overcoming multitudinous obstacles, the Electric Patterns Project (produced by The Brixton Project, funded by Lambeth Council and National Lottery Heritage Fund) is going live and brightening up a street near you with bold, colourful abstractions of Brixton’s essential spirit. So take a twilight stroll and keep your eyes peeled to spot every design. To find out more about the project please see here.

In each article of this series we will be highlighting these innovative heritage- inspired designs and letting you know where you can see them for yourself. To find out more about this local creative opportunity, the artists selected and what inspired their designs continue reading. 


Location: 22A Electric Avenue,  SW9 8JR

Artist: Carolyne Hill

This design is an ode to the hair shops and rituals of shopping for hair products along Electric Avenue. This majestic and Afrocentric pattern celebrates the afro and its symbolism. Carolyne has been coming to the market since she was a child with her mother to pick up hair products. The design is inspired by designer chain & link patterns and African wax prints and features several symbols. The Afro Pic Adinkra symbol “Wooden Comb” is a symbol of feminine consideration or good feminine qualities: patience, prudence, fondness, love, and care-things associated with women. The Circular Afro ‘Halo.’ This simple, elegant shape represents black hair in its natural form, a symbol of pride and beauty. The heart is a reference to the love and selfcare that all these products provide, even a trip down to the market is a treat and that love is all around! The Crown reflects the majesty that is afro hair. Golden twists represent hair bought to create the braids that are skilfully created by local hair stylists in the back of shops down Electric Avenue. Hair shops are part of the history and culture of Electric Avenue’s market and long may they remain so!

Carolyne is a graphic designer with over 15 years of experience in branding, design and strategy for some of the UK biggest brands in retail, business and entertainment. A dedicated and passionate designer, Carolyne grew up in Brixton Hill where her family still lives. She is an active member of the local community and passionate about Brixton, its people, places and legacy. She is also founder and director of Chillcreate, a lifestyle brand from Brixton.