BMX is back!

Mike Woof reports on the return of BMX racing to South London

BMX racing
Racing at the Merton Saints’ track in Mitcham was fiercely competitive after such a long break

After the break caused by the pandemic, it was a relief for BMX racers in London to be able to compete again on 26 September.

Brixton, Hackney, Mitcham and Peckham clubs came together to compete for the first time since the start of the lockdown.

Strict rules on distancing were in place, following British Cycling guidelines, to ensure safety for all. But after the break in the racing calendar caused by the pandemic, BMX racing was back at the Merton Saints’ track in Mitcham.

Entries were limited to maximise safety for all participants, while those racing were only allowed to come with one adult.

The racing was split into two halves, with the 43 younger riders first, followed by a break that allowed them to leave before the 34 older riders turned up to compete.

Racing was hard and fast, but with no injuries and only a few minor spills.

Brixton BMX Club rider Lukah McKenzie dominated the 13-year-old category

The races were mixed and with 10 age classes, from 7 and under up to 17+, and restricted to experts only, with no novice classes.

In the mixed 7-and-under category, Lucas Tewolde won the A final, while Ignacy Loris won the mixed 8-year-old and Chrystiano Goodman won the mixed 9-year-old category.

Kai Bowen won the mixed 10-year-old category, while Imogen Cockerell won the mixed 11-year-old category.

BMX racing
Brixton BMX Club rider Alex Taylor won the 14-year-old category

In the second half of racing, Xander Malvowane Wright won the mixed 12-year-old, with Luka McKenzie winning the mixed 13-year-old category and Alex Taylor winning the 14-year-old category.

The mixed 15-16 category was won by Callum Bristow while the 17+ category was won by Tai Suleyman.

There are plans for another race in October at the Peckham track, but this will depend on the current government safety regulations.