Planting the seeds of revolution

Ruby Gregory meets a Brixton resident planning a revolution and tries his cannabidiol products

cannabis leaves

Canadian Paul Gurney and his business partner David Huggins are planning to give plant-based beauty and wellness products the same high profile as vegan food.

Brixton resident Paul says their new business, GreenBox, will specialise in cannabidiol (CBD) products and promote a plant-based approach to beauty, fitness and wellness.

The name GreenBox comes from a key part of his business philosophy – sustainable packaging.

Paul’s first taste of business came when he was 10 years old, selling newspaper subscriptions for the Toronto Star in Canada.

“I have always loved solving problems and a new business is about finding an unmet need in the market or improving something that is already out there,” he says.

The lack of online marketplaces specialising in trusted plant-based wellness products is the need that GreenBox targets.

“We were purchasers of CBD products and found most of the online venues lacking in information and dodgy,” says Paul.

He wants GreenBox to be “the number one resource in the UK and Europe’’ for plant-based therapies.

Paul approached brands that he likes and trusts, including KannaSwiss in Switzerland and Ayucana in Germany to sell via GreenBox.

As well as CBD-based products, GreenBox offers others using ingredients like coconut and lavender.

I tried KannaSwiss C3 daily booster shots, a wellness product sold on GreenBox’s website.

GreenBox claims the shots are an “extraordinary supplement’’ that contribute to a positive wellness routine.

KannaSwiss promotes natural remedies for everyday living. CBD is the main ingredient in their products, and use plant sciences as a leading source of research. 

Each 60ml shot contains CBD, curcumin (turmeric extract) and crocus (saffron extract). Turmeric is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. While saffron is another natural remedy that boosts serotonin levels. These ingredients make the shot a yellow colour. 

The shots also include vitamins such as magnesium and vitamin B12, magnesium prevents tiredness and fatigue. I enjoyed taking these in the morning as I felt my daily brain function performed better for the rest of the day, I felt more focused and had more energy when completing tasks. 

GreenBox suggests you consume the shots by themselves or in a smoothie if you fancy. So I tried both. I would have to say I prefer adding them into a smoothie, only because the taste can become sickly sweet when it is drunk directly. The liquid is thick so it makes for a nice addition to a smoothie. 

Overall, I found that the booster shots did help me become more proactive, and I did feel healthier within myself.

The shots are £29.99 for a pack of seven, depending if you consume one daily, or every couple of days, will become an investment either way. However, I think it it is worth it for the results I felt afterwards.

Mentoring the GreenBox project is Victor Casale, a founding partner and the chief chemist of MAC Cosmetics for 15 years.

MAC – motto: “All ages. All races. All sexes” – started life in a Toronto kitchen in 1984 and was sold to Estée Lauder in 1998. Its turnover is now said to be more than $1 billion a year.

“Victor is a serial entrepreneur who encouraged us to make the leap into this business last year and has provided some amazing advice on how to market products,” says Paul.

Victor helped to create CER!OUS, a CBD product with time-release technology that is a personal favourite of Paul’s. 

Currently available online only, there are plans for GreenBox products to be sold at pop-up markets and events, but these have been put on hold due to the pandemic.

“We would love to sell our products in Brixton markets as we are big supporters of the communities and think our products can help everyone,” says Paul.

“There is a revolution in personal wellness and we want to be the ones leading the charge.”

Paul advises anyone interested to start by taking CBD supplements with the lowest strength: “go slow and start low … move up as needed’’. 

 “We aim to support and educate people with an honest, open and transparent tone of voice helping our customers to gain confidence whilst on the journey to wellness,” he says.

GreenBox’s website hosts a blog to help people researching products and ingredients. 

For people who want to know more, Paul suggests Cannabinoids and the Brain by Linda A. Parker.

Brixton customers can get 10% off all GreenBox products with code ‘brixton10’ at the checkout.

GreenBox products are available from its website


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