Fundraising for diversity

line up of students with certificates
Miranda Brawn with some of last year’s Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation scholarship winners

Lambeth equality commissioner Miranda Brawn, whose charity work has already provided scholarships enabling 50 young people to study at 50 academic institutions – from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge to state schools, has launched a campaign to support more students from diverse backgrounds.

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has a triple initiative to support this aim.

She said the first, fundraising campaign, Educating Next Gen, is “an investment in our next generation alongside social justice, fairness, equality and diversity. This is one way to make a difference in developing thoughtful and diverse leaders who can spur change in creating a better world for us all.”

Donations will go towards empowering young leaders by giving them access to education and career success via the foundation’s education, scholarships, mentoring and confidence skill-build workshops.

The goal is to create a more diverse and successful workforce in the years to come.

The second is a Black Leadership Scholarship launch across all industries which will support Black student leaders who are pushing forward initiatives to make sure that Black voices and stories are fairly represented.

Miranda Brawn (centre) at her foundation’s annual lecture

“We all matter in this movement; we all have the power to learn, grow, and find ways to address injustices and unfairness while helping to build positive change for the future,” said Miranda Brawn.

“By empowering our next generation to take an active role in transforming society, we can help elevate the importance of diversity and inclusion.

The third is foundation’s new reader friendly website which has information about the charity’s work, including how to make a donation and how to apply for one of its innovative scholarships.