Album of the week: Treasures Untold by Tom Brosseau

Each week our music editor Dave Randall picks an album (with a local connection) you need to hear …

Treasures Untold by Tom Brosseau

At around this time of the year, Brixton would usually be paid a visit by the American singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau, for his annual show at the Windmill.

Tom’s sublime tenor voce floats above his beautiful acoustic guitar playing and everything about him exudes a gentle charm.

His songs are in turn witty, lonesome and highly evocative of the landscapes and lives of his native North Dakota.

He sometimes describes himself as a “cowpoke” – which I’m told is similar to a cowboy except you don’t need to be a boy and you don’t need a horse.

Instead you just need to slow down and look for the poetry in the everyday. If you do that, you may just find Treasures Untold.