Keep a lock-down diary

Memorabilia from Lambeth ArchiveLambeth Archives is asking residents to keep a diary during the coronavirus lock down crisis.

“We are the local history library and record office for the borough, and we are keen to capture a wide-ranging record of this extraordinary period of time, so that future generations will have an understanding of what we have gone through.”

The project is to encourage Lambeth residents to start keeping a diary, and then to send a copy to the Archives, documenting their lives right now.
The Archives staff are particularly interested in the experiences of people whose lives have been dramatically affected by recent events, such as NHS staff and restaurant proprietors.  Enquiries to or by Twitter, @LambethArchives

There are no personal records or accounts held for the last global pandemic, the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1918-20, which is why Lambeth Archives wants “the extraordinary history in the making” that is taking place to be more fully recognised.

Historical picture Atlantic Road c. 1917
Atlantic Road

Lock-down Diaries: How you can contribute

“The project is called Lock-down diaries, because a diary best sums up that idea of a personal account. However, we are interested in all sorts of responses, and not just written ones. Photographic, film and audio records are equally important, as are scrapbooks and collections of Corona ephemera (leaflets, posters, cuttings, cartoons, government instructions and supermarket directives) as well as objects, songs, poems, art-work, quilts, etc.”

How to take part

All you need to do at this stage is to email or by Twitter @LambethArchives – read and download the information sheet (PDF)

These days will pass – but keep a record

Lambeth Archives 52 Knatchbull Road London SE5 9QY 0207 926 6076 Lambeth Archives