Foodbank now offers delivery service for those in need

Norwood and Brixton Foodbank depot: volunteers packingNorwood & Brixton Foodbank has announced it is partnering with other South London centres to introduce a delivery service.

All the foodbanks will be closing face-to-face sessions during the COVID19 crisis.

In place of regular sessions, they will now be switching to a new, full delivery service to provide emergency food parcels to those in need.

A team of volunteers based at the South London warehouse are packing 50 parcels each day, and in the first week 150 emergency parcels were delivered to people’s homes.

The move comes as a result of up-to-date advice from the Government on how best to keep all community members safe and well. The Trussell Trust advise that all referral agencies will receive full information of the new scheme and urge existing voucher holders to contact them via email.

The team at the Norwood and Brixton Foodbank are aware that greater numbers of people will find themselves in crisis and put increased demand on stock levels.

The organisation are encouraging public to add items to their shop to fulfil the growing need – or to donate via online giving or text to donate.

  • Buy an extra item when food-shopping and place in donation bins. Most up-to-date items in need are on the Foodbank app or on their website.
  • Make a cash donation online via their website.
  • Text to donate: Text Dinner followed by amount you wish to donate up to £20 to 70085

Jon Taylor, of Norwood and Brixton Foodbank, said: “We are continuing to operate and ensure that people in crisis get the support they require in these difficult times. We are excited to be launching this new service for those most in need and have already seen a fantastic response. I want to say a huge thanks to all our dedicated staff and volunteers for keeping our vital community service going, we couldn’t’ do it without you.”

Norwood and Brixton Foodbank opened in September 2011 with the support and encouragement of a number of local churches – beginning in West Norwood with a small space in St Luke’s church and quickly expanding the working area before adding another distribution centre in Brixton in March 2012.