Council closes Brockwell Park on police advice

    Brockwell Park signBrockwell Park is closed today (5 April) after more than 3,000 people visited it yesterday. Lambeth council said the temporary closure is to comply with national guidelines on the social distancing needed fight Covid-19.

    A Lambeth council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately Brockwell Park will be closed on Sunday. This is to ensure people observe the critically important social distancing measures needed right now to fight coronavirus.

    “Despite clear advice, more than 3,000 people visited Brockwell Park on Saturday, with some visitors sunbathing and congregating in large groups. This is unacceptable at this time.

    “Unfortunately, the actions of this minority means that, following police advice, Brockwell Park will be closed on Sunday.

    “We thank people for their understanding at this incredibly difficult time.

    “The single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.”


    1. I am appalled by the totally unnecessary closure of Brockwell Park. I was in the Park when the police arrived on Saturday. They ordered a dozen or so people who were sunbathing and a lady who was innocently sitting on a bench to leave. The Park was busy but is easily large enough to accommodate 3000 people without compromising social distancing rules. The vast majority of people were obeying these rules and there were certainly no large groups as has been reported in the press. Some people were sunbathing but why ever not when they had been cooped up in their flats for the last week. They were certainly not posing a danger to anyone. The Council have made an example of residents in Brixton because they cannot close Clapham Common or Tooting Bec. In the process they have antagonised thousands of law abiding residents through their overzealous enforcement of the social distancing rules. Both the Police and Lambeth Council should apologise for their actions and stop blaming inocent people for the crisis we are now in.

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