Make Shift Foundation – a showcase for young talent

Make Shift and a young entrepeneur Make Shift Foundation is a South London based charity that provides an open space for 16 to 25-year-olds from Brixton and Peckham to promote their own business ideas and products.

The charity uses Pop Brixton and Peckham Levels to host monthly events like exhibitions and youth markets, creating a hub for young people to exist and showcase their talents in.

The ‘Made Youth Market’ is made up of a diverse group of young people – 80 to 90 percent young women, and 80 percent from a BAME background.

Make Shift, founded in December 2018 aims to be accessible and inclusive for people from different backgrounds.

Bayo Obasaju (right) who is responsible for leading programmes at Make Shift and  manages a small team of people says that despite being up and running for over a year, it has taken that time to get there.

Mayo from Make ShiftMake Shift Foundation’s main goal is to restore young people’s confidence and enable those with a business idea or skill to hit the ‘’ground running”’. ‘’We think anyone who is young and able to start a business is a creative’’.

Bayo says: ‘’We see a lot of artists, musicians, food entrepreneurs, designers’’. However, all ideas for enterprises are welcome.

He believes it is important for individuals to speak up with a collective voice, “in some ways, we just try and provide a platform for these young people’’.

The 16 to 25 year-olds who visit events often end up collaborating with other young individuals who also are there.

Make Shift Foundation will keep in close contact, reminding them of future workshops and talks that are happening in Pop Brixton and Peckham Levels. Their main reach-out is the social media app Instagram, as it attracts a young audience. But 16 to 25 year olds can also sign up to a mailing list which circulates every two weeks.

Outside of Pop Brixton and Peckham Levels, Make Shift Foundation has recently created work placements. The placements are a combination of learning in a working environment and completing group activities.

Bayo stresses that enterprise support is vital for the next generation and their business plans, ’’we want to be the destination if you’re a young person with an idea, come to us and we will try and help you’’.

Make Shift Foundation will run its first art market and host a series of exhibitions.

Tickets to attend Make Shift Foundation events are free and available at

For more information contact

Instagram: @makeshiftfoundation

Twitter: @MakeShiftFDN