Books that young readers love

Children from the video for Round Table Books talking about what they love in booksIf you are looking for children’s books for presents this season then Round Table Books in Brixton Village is a must.

Don’t take it from the bookshop but from their young readers who feature in the  Round Table Books Christmas Advert! Watch the video here.

The shop starts with the premise that books should be inclusive and everyone should see themselves in what they read. Only 4 per cent of books features children from a BAME background.

The Bookshop said: “We had the honour of filming with a BRILLIANT group of kids. Every one of them was smart, funny and aware that books don’t feature kids that look like them.

“Their reactions to reading books is honest, heartbreaking and powerful – we hope you will want to share it. “

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Round Table Books,9 Brixton Village SW9 8PS.