First Brixton, then the world for DJ Marcia Carr

Marcia Carr interviewed young women DJs at an International Women’s day event in Brixton’s Pure Vinyl. Simone Richardson turns the tables in this interview

DJ Marcia Carr

Marcia Carr (above), club DJ, radio presenter and producer of London station Rinse FM is also creator and director of the all-vinyl female DJ squad Girlz B Like.

“From way back, since I was about six years old, I have always been interested in music – from playing around with my parents’ gram with a built in record player and buying records with what little pocket money I used to get,” she says.

“My parents would play a lot of reggae as well as US R&B which I would hear being played. especially at weekends.”

While Marcia tells me about her first record buys – Natalie Cole and Roy Ayers among others. It was my pleasure to watch her ask young women DJs why they chose their three oldest memorable first-bought records that were then shared on the player.

Marcia’s current focus is building her brand of 2 Decks and a Mixer @2DecksAndAMixer.

Behind raising her profile in commercial radio is a desire to “take music to a global network of new listeners”.

The power of good music brings people together, she says – “which I see as a good thing and it can lift one’s heart and also help all those who are hurting.”

Marcia is back at Pure Vinyl on 24 May (7-11pm). You can listen live to her monthly show on – next on Wednesday 22 May from 12pm to 2pm.