Brixton Hill recording studio Octagon refurbished.

Octoagon Studio

Step into Octagon London recording studio at the bottom of Brixton Hill, and you seem a world away from the mayhem. Having been making records under the radar for the past few years, it’s just undergone a classy refurb and is opening up to a wider array of artists.

Its cocoon-like eight-sided main studio oozes a home-from-home feel, with first-time visitors having been heard to say: “I just want to move in”. It looks set to make its mark as a one-of-a-kind music hub. Octagon London is a collective of producers, engineers and musicians and offers a one-stop shop aimed at putting out wonderful records and developing and encouraging local talent.

In-house label Dream Diary enables people to write, record, cut to vinyl and market their music from start to finish, with distribution and publishing all being managed from the same facility. People use the studio for anything from full-scale recording projects to voiceovers and remixes. Everything has been hand wired and well thought out to provide an impressive array of recording and routing options. The equipment has been carefully selected to provide a wide range of sonic possibilities and ranges from vintage pieces dating back to the 40s and 50s up to state-of-the-art technology – so artists can produce some unique sounds. The studio often has beta products to test and review from reputable hardware and software companies.

Brian Parker, from Brooklyn NYC, consulted on the design and stayed until completion. Brian, who runs Octagon London’s sister studio in New York, is a renowned artist in his own right, with releases coming out on Dream Diary.

To arrange a visit call 020 8133 1447. For more information see