Two autumn gigs not to be missed

Folk band Iduamea

Brockwell Community Greenhouses will host traditional music from the Balkans and chamber music based on Appalachian folk this autumn.

On Sunday 16 September, Raka, whose name comes from a traditional dance “full of kicks, clicking heels and hands held high”, will play music in the folk traditions of Bulgaria and Macedonia as well as the Romani music that spans the Balkans.

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On Sunday 14 October the Idumea Quartet (pictured above) will bring traditional string quartet instrumentation and a chamber music aesthetic to Appalachian folk music.

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Add harmonised singing into the mix and the result is a sound which is “as high and lonesome as it is symphonic”. Jane Rothfield and Ewan Macdonald are on fiddle; Becka Wolfe is on viola; and Nathan Bontrager on cello.

Brockwell Community Greenhouses will have a botanical bar serving drinks and snacks from 5pm. There will be plenty of chairs but wear something warm.

Raka Sunday 16 September, 6-9pm £10 (concs £7) Idumea Sunday 14 October, 5-8pm. £10 (concs £7).