Tips to make yourself heard workshop at Community Base

Poster for workshop on 15 September Getting Attention

Make Some Noise! Getting people’s attention and keeping it is a workshop at Brixton Community Base on Saturday 15 September run by Project Dirt and Eden Project Communities. Food courtesy of Brixton Pound Café.  Tickets are free but there’s a refundable £5 deposit because of limited spaces.

Make Some Noise in Brixton is for any community projects, leaders, activists and volunteers who would like to learn how to get people’s attention and keep it. It follows on from the success of  Offline Festival.

Project Dirt says: “We’ll be sharing tips and tricks to use press, social media and other tools to help projects get their hard work noticed and get support from corporate funders, volunteers and your community.

“Expect a jam-packed schedule from Project Dirt and Eden Project AND yummy trEATs courtesy of Brixton Pound Cafe.”

The two main highlights of the event will be workshops:
1. How to get attention through the Press 
2. Social Media engagement tips and tricks

Make Some Noise Programme

10.30 Intros

11.30 Getting people’s attention. Group discussion facilitated by professionals. 20 min slots

12.30 A quick “hello” Eden Project Communities

12.45 Workshop – How to get attention through the Press
Create an eye-catching press release. Learn how to sell your story. Led by Lisa Bradley, Director of Learning and Teaching for Journalism at the University of Sheffield. Break-out space

13.30 Lunch – Delicious surplus foods, served by Brixton Pound Café

14.15 Live entertainment. Wrap your ears around a local band

14.30 A quick “hello” Project Dirt

4.45 Workshop – Keeping people’s attention You’ve learnt how to grab attention, now let’s keep it!

Second round of group-led 20 mins slot discussions facilitated by experienced professionals. A fast fun way to make connections and share experience.

Break out space. Continue your conversations and get to know each other.

16.40 Stay noisy, stay connected
Use your new noise making skills! How an Eden Project communities and Semble help you achieve your goals

17.15 That’s a wrap. Closing session.

17.30 End