Girls Friendly Society relaunches in Brixton

Girls Friendly Society members

Girls Friendly Society (GFS) has recently re-launched its Brixton group for girls and young women at The Edmundsbury Estate Community Centre on Ferndale Road.

The group which opened its doors on Wednesday 8 November 2017, offers opportunities for young women aged 10-17 to meet new friends, take part in new activities and gain new skills.

Girls Friendly Society  was established in 1845 in partnership with the Anglican Church. It has a long  history  of providing opportunities for girls and young women since 1845 – with the first project starting in Brixton.

Girls Friendly Society leader Bryony LongBryony Long (right), the Brixton group leader said: “We brought the group back to our roots this year and have recently moved home! We are now based at the Edmundsbury Community Centre and run sessions every week on Wednesdays 5.30pm – 7pm (term-time only).

Bryony says she was inspired to volunteer by the women in her life – bosses, family members and friends – who have helped her grow. With her team of volunteers, she wants to support young women in the local community.

She said: “There’s never been a more exciting time to be a woman; strong female leaders and grassroots activists are campaigning against sexism, pay inequality and reproductive rights on a global scale.

“At GFS Brixton, we believe young women will change the world. We exist to provide a safe and fun space for girls to be themselves, make friends and to pass on the tools they need to grow to their full potential. We also have funding to support young women to receive a leadership award so it could make a huge difference in their lives”.

Find out more about GFS Brixton here.