Solar panels for Brixton schools

Repowering London students with certificates

Repowering London and Brixton Energy are looking for Brixton schools keen to put solar panels on their roofs. They are not-for-profit and the schemes would be community-owned and controlled.

Solar panelThe benefits are cheap electricity, a wonderful educational tool for the future and​ a community project with your school as its focus. So if you’re a student, parent, teacher, head, bursar or just a neighbour of a local school  interested in renewable energy​ get in touch with or phone 07834 686264 to register your interest. And come to an event at Open Project Night on Monday 9 October where we will explain the project and start organising.

Tell us your school will be there. Open Project Nights happen every Monday night at the Impact Hub Brixton, at the back of Pop Brixton, 49 Brixton Station Road, SW9 8PQ.

Food from 6.30pm, meeting starts 7pm.​

Repowering London are also conducting house to house energy surveys every Thursday evening which will give us a better idea of how we can best support people most likely to be affected by fuel poverty. If you would be interested in joining them  email. No special skill needed.



  1. Now they’re even gentrifying electricity. These smug metropolitan neoliberals are just finishing off the job of destroying miners’ lives and communities started by Thatcher. They may not admit it but “Repowering London” are making sure that the pits will never reopen. If it hadn’t been for Thatcher, and all her followers – like these bourgeois class traitors – we would never have needed solar panels. We would have instead abundant coal, and good jobs for working class people.

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