Missing moggy: Corot update

Unexpected and happy news!  Corot has been found, alive and very hungry. He has spent five days – not all voluntarily – on the building site at Sandhurst Court, and a Strathlevan Rd resident contacted the owners. ‘Thanks to everyone who has helped’ says Karly the owner and mum of two very happy children. ‘We have had so many calls – some with descriptions of the most unlikely cats but from people just trying to help.  Even when we were taking Corot home in his basket, a passing stranger heard the meowing and told us they were out searching for a missing grey cat they had seen on a poster. We were very happy to show him what was in the basket’.

Karly added ‘It has been wonderful to get to know such lovely neighbours over the past few days. It really restores your faith in people’.

Corot has just gobbled down a large bowl of chicken.


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Corot is a neutered male grey shorthair with yellow eyes. He is seven years old, small and slender and very curious. Corot loves to explore  interesting spaces which sometimes includes venturing into unknown homes.

He lives in Branksome Road and usually only uses back the gardens between Branksome and Strathlevan Roads. He went missing in the hot weather on Tuesday morning, 29 August, and we are worried that he is accidentally stuck somewhere as he always sleeps on our bed at night.  There is a reward. Please call Karly on 07949 780 321 if you have any idea where he might be. Two small children miss him hugely.