Chance UK is recruiting mentors for local children

Image for the charity Chance UKAn award-winning children’s charity, has opened applications for new mentors from the Lambeth area. 

Chance UK provides encouragement and support for children and their families through year-long mentoring plans.

The children – who are referred to the charity by schools or their carers – are those thought to be most at risk of exclusion from school as well as taking art in anti-social and criminal behaviour in later adolescence.

The scheme offers volunteers full training and the opportunity to improve the outlook and skills of children through weekly activity sessions planned by the mentor.

Anna, who recently finished her year of mentoring with Max, 8, said: “Mentoring offered me a fun alternative way to spend my time at the weekends.

“After a long week at work, hanging out with Max, flying a kite or getting messy with art and crafts on a Saturday morning, allowed me to forget about those everyday stresses.”

Jessica Easton, Chance UK’s programme manager for Lambeth says: “Our mentors come from all walks of life and Chance UK looks at the different personal qualities each individual can bring when we train and support them.

“There are children who could really benefit from having that positive role model in their life so if you think this could be you, then please get in touch.”

For more information visit, or call 020 7281 5858 or email.