Brixton’s flash crossings on awards shortlist

Flash crossings being installed on corner of Atlantic and Coldharbour Lane
Installing the crossings. Picture: Luke Forsythe

Brixton’s flash crossings are shortlisted in this year’s Design Week awards. Competing in the wayfinding and environmental graphics category, they are up against the Design Museum and Tate Modern.

Designers Dolman Bowles and Eley Kishimoto first collaborated in 2014, spraying a temporary “flash pavement rug” outside Brixton Tube to announce the first ever Brixton Design Trail.

Last year their collaboration focused on the junction of Coldharbour Lane and Atlantic Road. An accident hotspot, it was selected to make drivers and pedestrians aware of each other and to help slow traffic, as well as to pay tribute to the local significance of the crossroads.

They have a five-year life span and are made from the same stuff as zebra crossings.

After the initial collaboration, says Phil Dolman: “We really wanted to do something permanent that would be a lasting investment.

“We found a contractor, Thames Hydro Blasting, who were keen to do it. The guy who runs the company is originally from Brixton.”

Mark Eley designed the crossing and Phil Dolman did the installation, which was supported by TfL and funded by the Brixton BID and Lambeth council.

The BID’s Michael Smith said: “Abbey Road eat your heart out, now we have our own Abbey Road. It’s a reminder that Brixton has so much to offer.”

This year’s Brixton Design Trail runs from 16 to24 September. Rumour has it that we may be in for further treats. Don’t be surprised if the crossings are more than a flash in the pan.

Design Week award winners will be announced on 13 June.


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