Brixton Calling: Meet Unity choirleader Xenia Davis

Delores William talks to Xenia Davis, who organised Singing for Unity in Windrush Square at the weekend
Xenia Davis leads the singing in Windrush Square
Xenia Davis leads the singing in Windrush Square

On Saturday the choir of Sing Out Streatham sang songs of unity  in response to the last couple of months’ strife surrounding Brexit and the terror attacks which have left people feeling fearful.

The choir is led by Xenia Davis who also sings at the Glastonbury festival, where the songs are to encourage festival users to look after Worthy Farm, take all rubbish home and not to dump their tents. The choir has a history of flashmob singing and were recently seen singing their hearts out in Brixton Village.

If you would like to join the Sing Out Streatham choir, they meet on Thursdays at Dunraven School ( 94/98 Leigham Court Road, SW16 2QB) from 7.30 – 9.00. Their details can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen here: