Africa Emancipation Day march will start from Windrush Square

Last year's emancipation day march
Last year’s emancipation day march

People taking part in the third annual African emancipation day reparations march will gather in Windrush Square from 10am tomorrow (1 August). The march departs for Parliament Square at noon, returning by 6.30pm to Windrush Square, where there will be “edutainment” and stalls.

As well as demanding reparations for centuries of enslavement and colonisation of Africa and Africans, the march will also demand an end to the Maangamizi – the continuing “neo-colonial enslavement” of the continent.

It is expected that buses between Brixton and Parliament Square will be diverted from around noon until 6pm.


  1. Just walked through it – everyone blatantly smoking marijuana (illegal) – chatted to the police officer about it and he said if he had more officers he would arrest them, so power in numbers to break the law then (like the riots).

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