Take the magical mystery tour at Studio 73

Print by Charlotte MacMillan ScottBrixton’s own magical musical mystery show is on at Studio 73.

Artists taking part in ‘Cover Version’ were asked to create a poster for a favourite musical moment, but without mentioning the name of the artist or the title of the song or tour.

Brixton Blog and Bugle’s own Kaylene Alder is one of the 22 artists contributing. The screen-printed posters challenge the viewer to recognise the song or artist.

All of the work is new and features artists including Jaykoe, Martin Grover, Ben Stockley, Lewis Campbell and Kaylene Alder.

Print by Johnny WalkeThe prints are a limited run of 50 and available to buy at Studio 73, Brixton Village, SW9 8PS.

The show runs until 17 April. Opening times:  Tues – Sat 11am – 5.30pm; Sundays 12am – 4.30pm. For more information contact Adrian Flower on 020 7274 7773 or by email.