Brockwell Swimmers offer free membership and more

brock-galaHaving organised several successful events at Brockwell Lido, Brockwell Swimmers have formed a club, ratified a constitution, got together a committee, opened a bank account, and are now looking forward to planning more aquatic fun for 2016.

To register a for a free membership just visit their website.

There’s a lot on offer:

Water Polo

In 2015 Brockwell Swimmers organised two Water Polo evening sessions which proved immensely popular. The Lido is ideally suited for the purpose with the right depth and width at the deep end

Brockwell Swimmers will be meeting with Fusion Lifestyle (managers of the centre) to discuss summer dates when the water will be warmer and the evenings longer.

Cold Water Invitation Gala

The Brockwell Cold Water Gala held in February last year was a great success both for local swimmers and for members of the other clubs who had been invited. It was also a great spectator event for the visitors who came to cheer on the their teams. “It was wonderful to finally have an event that celebrated the positive nature of cold water swimming and hopefully encouraged more people to use the pool during the winter,” said Brockwell Swimmers’ chair Tim Sutton.

Brockwell Swimmers will be meet Fusion Lifestyle and the Brockwell Lido User Group to discuss a possible date of 20 November.


Outside events

The Swimmers will also be organising a events outside the Lido including:

Club Swims – Entering teams for other swimming club events like the annual winter and summer races run by the South London Swimming Club at Tooting Bec Lido.

Walk/Swims  – More walks and swims, such as the Oxfordshire Thames walk held last August, as well as teaming up with the Facebook Swim/Walk group.

Book Readings  – We are hoping to invite more guest speakers to come visit, such as Caitlin Davies, who came to read at the Lido Café from her fascinating book Downstream, a history of swimming in the Thames.


Aims of the Club

The new club’s constitution states that the aim of the club is to promote the sport of swimming in the local community. “We believe this is best achieved through an open, democratic, accountable and independent club, as happens in many pools up and down the country,” said Tim Sutton.

For more information please visit the Brockwell Swimmers website  or contact Tim Sutton on 07803 206 204,  email


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