Dancers strike gold

Dunraven School KS3 GoldLambeth schools are revelling in their success at the London Youth Games at the Olympic Park.

Dunraven School, Leigham Court Road, Streatham, (pictured above) celebrated winning gold at the Key Stage 3 dance competition at the Copper Box Arena on March 13.

Earlier in the week, St Martin in the Field school won bronze in the female under 13 rugby contact competition at Barn Elms Sports Centre, Wandsworth on March 11. This was followed by another bronze the following day by the Elm Green School at the under-15 male volleyball finals at UEL Sportsdock in East London.

Caroline Kenworthy, Team Manager at Dunraven School, said: “I am really, really, really proud of them. I didn’t know what to expect. They have done an amazing job. They dance a lot at school. Since the end of January, we have thrown it all together and rehearsed our socks off.

“I think it’s important for young students to recognise development and achievement in a subject where it is sometimes subjective. Events like this really can help their confidence.”