Cinema and DVD release for Brixton film Honeytrap

Honeytrap, directed by Brixton based writer and filmmaker Rebecca Johnson, is to be shown in cinemas and made available on DVD this May, with distribution coordinated by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

 Here at Brixton Blog we have been keenly following developments on the making of Honeytrap since the initial planning, fundraising and production activity took place back in early 2013.

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Filmed in Brixton and taking inspiration from true events (particularly the 2008 case of Samantha Joseph, dubbed the “honeytrap killer”), Honeytrap is a contemporary, urban drama set in South London that tells the story of a teenage girl’s experience of gang culture – a girl who sets up the boy in love with her to be killed.

A successful crowdfunding campaign together with Johnson’s not-for-profit company Fierce Productions’ Training and Mentoring programme (allowing Lambeth’s young people to learn about the film making process during the shooting of Johnson’s films including Honeytrap) has ensured Honeytrap is a film with Brixton and its people at its heart, both on and off camera.

The cast of Honeytrap consists of emerging acting talent including Jessica Sula (Skins) in the lead role of Layla, Lucien Laviscount (Coronation Street, Waterloo Road), who plays gang leader/rapper Troy, and Ntonga Mwanza (Babylon, Suspects) who portrays social outsider Shaun.  Breakthrough performances by the cast have resulted in Honeytrap being selected for screenings at prominent industry festivals in the last few months.

In October last year Honeytrap premiered at the BFI London Film Festival.  As part of the festival schedule, the Brixton Ritzy hosted one of the first sold out screenings of the film – a fitting venue for a film with Brixton at its core.  Honeytrap was also premiered at Leceister Square during the festival.  Rebecca was nominated for the Best British newcomer award, whilst Time Out declared Jessica Sula as the face of the festival.

More recently this home-grown film has began to have an increasing impact internationally, with screenings of Honeytrap having taken place this month at the renowned SXSW (South by Southwest) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas, which celebrates the best of original music, independent film and emerging technologies.  It is clear that Johnson’s urban drama has themes that resonate universally.

Honeytrap is in cinemas from 8th May 2015 and is available on DVD from 25th May 2015.  We will be bringing more news as to where and when you can see Honeytrap in the coming weeks.

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By Sarah Solomon