SAVE OUR SHOPS: Humera Shafiq, S&S Textiles

UNDER THE ARCHES: S&S Textiles from Peter Barker on Vimeo.

In support of the campaign against Network Rail’s plans to evict local businesses under the railway arches, we’ll be running a series of profiles and videos of some of the traders on Atlantic Road and Brixton Station Road.

The traders under the arches in Brixton have many different stories, from the owner of Brixton Tools who moved to Brixton from Trinidad at 17, to Malek at Denmay Interiors and Jose and Bella at A&C Deli. They are a tight-knit community who rely on each other for support, gossip and friendship.

Here, Humera Shafiq talks to us about her family business S&S Textiles on Atlantic Road. This film is made by the brilliant Brixtonite filmmaker Peter Barker.

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  1. This is Khalid, you might remember me from Boots, i have seen your video and its sad to hear that. This is insane… i mean small businesses contribute so much to the British economy… i think this is pathetic and should be stopped… small businesses create jobs.


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