Hundreds against LED ad boards in Brixton

Proposed design for LED advertising boards in the centre of Brixton
Proposed design for LED advertising boards in the centre of Brixton

Hundreds of comments have been lodged against proposals to erect huge LED advertising boards in the centre of Brixton.

A planning application has been submitted to Lambeth council for the installation of ten LED advertising boards to the upper floors of 467 Brixton Road (above KFC).

The proposal had largely gone unnoticed until Sunday, January 25, when Brixton Buzz reported it, noting that the deadline for comments from neighbours was the end of January 26.

However, Brixton residents managed to get in over 400 objections in just over 24 hours. Many pointed out that the building was locally listed, while one explained that the plan “would completely cover up an attractive building, create light pollution and turn a major part of the centre of Brixton into an unattractive and intrusive advertising billboard.”

According to the planning application, the illuminated moving advertising across the upper floors of the Prince of Wales pub “has the potential to enhance the visibility of both the building and Brixton centre as a whole.”

Zeo Holdings, who have put in the proposal, say they are “long-term investors in Brixton town centre and have been for a number of years. This investment has included bringing Premier Inn to Brixton and works to secure this new hotel are now under way adjacent to this property.

“This application would also represent a substantial investment into Brixton that will further enliven what is already a bustling commercial centre. It should be remembered that Piccadilly Circus started somewhere. Under the current environment of various regulations and controls it would probably never happen today, yet it is known across the globe as one of the places to visit within London attracting people and stimulating the economy. This application would have a similar effect on Brixton and would benefit traders, businesses and those who frequent the town centre.

But the Brixton Society said: “the idea that a massive, garish illuminated advertising hoarding on the high street will somehow help put the area on the map is laughable. This dignified 1938 building sits well in this substantially Edwardian townscape. To turn this into a version of Piccadilly Circus, which the applicant openly intends, would be a travesty.”

Since the deluge of objections Jack Hopkins, Cabinet member for Jobs and Growth, has said Lambeth would now be taking comments via email until February 13.

He added that “The council is working hard to support job creation and ensure local people feel the benefits of the big changes the area is experiencing. The planning application will go through the town hall committee when all the factors, including residents’ comments and its location in a conservation area, will be taken into account before a decision is made.”

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  1. I support the improvements in this area so far as this will create local jobs, attract good investors with local intentions and benefit local businesses which I intend to be one of Lambeth’s businesses. Brixton have already a good transport network system in place. It will be good for the area.

  2. […] Last month a proposal to install ten illuminated advertising boards to the upper floors of 467 Brixton Road (above KFC) was discovered just days before the deadline to object.The planning application said the boards would “enhance the visibility of Brixton” and help it to become like Piccadilly Circus.When Brixton Buzz first reported on the proposal just one objection had been registered on the Lambeth planning website – within 24 hours over 400 comments were lodged.Those opposed to the ten moving advertising boards said they would not fit with the character of Brixton and have no benefit for the community. Brixton Society said: “the idea that a massive, garish illuminated advertising hoarding on the high street will somehow help put the area on the map is laughable.”Eventually 691 comments were lodged, overwhelmingly against the proposal.Lambeth Council’s planning website now says the application has been refused. […]

  3. This is not Piccadily or Times Square, its historic Brixton town centre. Don’t ruin our now smart looking Brixton with this monstrously ugly affair!
    Aren’t we all supposed to be turning the lights down and off where ever possible? Why are you proposing to do the opposite?

  4. A terrible idea – it seems that every spare inch of public space is gradually being sold off to provide space for advertising. What about the public’s right to move around the city without being constantly bombarded with adverts? Enough already! Some taste and restraint please!

  5. Unfortunately there is a pandemic of illuminated advertising that is desecrating the urban environment. To think that illuminated signs are going to stimulate the economy is totally vacuous thinking at best. How many people actually take notice of commercial advertising anyway? On television it is just a violation of the privacy of our own homes, in newspapers one just turns over to the next page, and in the street one just looks away. In the absence of such advertising the business community cannot complain as they will all be on a level playing field, so it won’t be necessary anyway. This is just a money-making racket by the advertising industry, and any such planning application should immediately be tossed into the cylindrical file.

    Furthermore, the environmental impact of such advertising cannot be overstated. It is a waste of energy and has a negative impact on local residents in terms of light pollution. The environmental effects of light at night are now well established, so I will not elaborate further. A simple Google search will reveal all.

  6. This is one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve seen in a long time..
    And one that will only line the pockets of the council and not the residents of brixton..

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