We have 43 hours to raise £5,000 on our crowdfunder – please help

Oh you must check out the vid.
Oh you must check out the vid.

The Brixton Blog and Bugle is entering the final stages of its crowdfunding campaign, we need your help to fund a new journalist on the community news project.

Generous supporters have so far raised nearly £10,000 towards the overall target, but now the countdown has moved to hours, rather than days.

If you see a value to the Brixton community in what we do, covering Lambeth council, police and other news while shining a light on deserving local projects, please take time today to give a few pounds. We’ll even give you and exclusive treat to say thanks.

There’s still time, so please help us to make it happen… https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brixton-blog-and-brixton-bugle#home