Landlord of Queens Head, Brixton, apologises for offence caused by ‘racist’ halloween costumes and denies sending offensive Facebook post

Picture: BBC
Picture: BBC

The landlord of the Queens Head pub has apologised on BBC television for causing offence when he blacked up for a halloween costume and a  member of staff of his staff dressed as a KKK member.

A race row emerged after pictures of Mr Tickner and one of his bar staff – who is black – were posted on Facebook.

Simon Tickner in black face with a black member of staff dressed as a Klu Klux Klan member. Pic: Facebook
Simon Tickner in black face with a black member of staff dressed as a Klu Klux Klan member. Pic: Facebook

When Nisha Damji slammed the pictures in a discussion with friends on the social media platform, the official account (which she is “friends” with)  responded by calling her “bitch” and telling her to “suck my d*ck”.

Tickner told BBC London today that he did not write the post himself and does not know who did as, he claims, there a number of people with access to the account.

“It was an absurdist joke, basically… Anyone I’ve offended I’d like to apologise to. I’ve no cause to offend the black community.”

BBC London reported that Lambeth Council is investigating any possible breach of licensing rules.

Nisha told Brixton Blog: “To be called a bitch and to be threatened with sexual violence is utterly appalling. As well as the deeply offensive costumes and blackface, one of them gave the Nazi salute. It’s not cool or edgy. It’s is totally unacceptable in 2014.”

She added to a BBC reporter: “It seems that when women speak out on things on social media the types of threat they get are of a sexual nature and I think that’s really unacceptable.”




  1. It looks as though the “benefits” of gentrification and the people it has brought to Brixton with it are becoming apparent.

  2. Maybe some twisted folks white or black will see it as as joke I don’t see KKK as a joke and never will.. The black employee as far as I concerned is the even bigger fool or he missed that part of his history or he’d see how ridiculous what hd did was…
    As for tracking the source of the offensive Facebook reply, is not that difficult so it’s clear to me the landlords covering for himself and his staff V admitting , owning and apologising!

    • It’s a form of prejudice to generalise and lump all Black people into the same ‘their history’ bracket, though, Cheryl!

      Jamaicans, of whom the larger majority of black people around Brixton are descended from – or born Jamaicans themselves – NEVER EXPERIENCED ANY KKK ACTIVITY.

      So how is the KKK ‘their’ history, eh?

      Sure, being aware of general history is a damn good thing, but it is simply prejudice to assume – and dictate – BY RACE NO LESS – what history or thoughts and ideals a given human being should have.

      Shame some people are thick as shit and don’t ever bother thinking-through what prejudice is all about. And the only thing wrong with racism is prejudice, so get a clue what your own point and values in this world are supposed to actually be!

      -Is this ignorance another symptom of people being ‘taught to the exam’ on these issues of social harmony?
      Rather than actually being educated as to what the logic and reason is behind the ‘exam’?

      Teaching people blindly, teaching them by rote, to “don’t be racist, don’t be racist, don’t be racist” is to my eyes nearly as ignorant as racism itself, just tarted-up to make people think they’re doing some good in the world.

      ACTUALLY TEACHING kids to critically-analyse and letting them become NATURALLY-unprejudiced, is a FAR better method.

      Now which out of the two, do they push in our schools? The politically-correct (brain-dead) party official policy line, that’s what they push. This isn’t good.

  3. god, people of london! CALM DOWN!
    black people dressed as KKK and white people blacked up? GENIUS!
    It’s halloween…get a grip.
    the woman who felt the need to go home and complain on the brixton blog was a self righteous warmonger who got excited about all the anger she could stir up.

  4. Political Correctness Training is not a substitute for Critical Analysis Training…

    These costumes were in bad taste, but the whole ‘stamp on things’ ethos and M.O. of Political Correctness is ALSO, and more pervasively in very bad taste.
    What this woman is saying, is that she’s superior to the whole of the clientele and staff of the Queen’s Head. Now this may be true, it’s certainly possible, but why?
    Many people frequent the Queen’s Head, for the atmosphere amongst other things – it’s not gentrified, and that’s GREAT. Races and other potential divisions in society actually MIX here. People are, for ONCE, thank GOD, not uptight here. London is a soulless hell-hole a lot of the time, and these people have a clue about how to improve upon that. Allow them their little mistakes.

    Out of the whole of the Queen’s Head clientele and staff (who’re probably quite a neat split of 50/50 white and black/mixed-race, on any given night, with white people frequently in the minority most likely) – is this woman saying that they are ALL stupid or ignorant of history? Do you REALLY think this is likely?
    Perhaps they were in on the joke or if not a joke, the point that was being made.
    Sorry if someone’s closed-logic political correctness programming over-rode their appreciation of this role-reversal.
    Best not watch Chappelle’s Show, then… but it is sharp and it IS funny.
    Maybe these guys are thick as shit and not sharp and not funny, but perhaps they were working along the same lines – trying to both draw attention to a horrible truth AND make light of it at the same time.
    I don’t know, I wasn’t there… but it’s a shame that woman has an axe to grind.

    It’s not “women speak out on things on social media the types of threat they get are of a sexual nature”. That’s just lumping this in with those who abuse women in sexual terms.
    Realise, that in some cultures, saying “suck my dick” is THE utter disparaging remark, only reserved for those, male OR female, who need pulling off the pedestal they’ve put themselves on, and FAST.

    This also serves to show to the usual fools who love to over-share online, that camera-phone lurkers, Facebook whores and privacy are also an issue.
    Since this woman complainant wasn’t anywhere near this pub and merely saw the photos, where a black and white man are doing a role-reversal (in bad taste, but at least sort of putting each other in the opposite shoes, which is less moronic than it appears). Maybe there was a wider context? Maybe not!

    One of these two parties seems to show capability for abstract thought. Not sure if it’s the odd couple or the complainant, though… Only they know in their hearts.

    Reading material:

  5. Hmmmn so Black guy is thick as shit, owner is a tard, and all hip hop is misogynistic, am I on the Daily Mail website?
    Can anyone see the Irony here?

  6. The black person with him must be thick as shit, how either of them don’t realise what pain the kkk caused, they should be made to watch a video of Jim Crowe lynch mob rule. And using hip hop language as a defence, well we all know that most hop hop is misogynistic (women hating). No guys I will not suck your dick.

  7. Dumb….

    Expect a lot more of this Blackface rumpus over the next few months as it attempts to become mainstream yet again 🙁

  8. Although he said on the radio it was just hip hop language and he didnt know who did it.

    complete cop out.

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