Second day of queueing at Brixton station leaves commuters damp and dismayed

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Passengers using Brixton Tube have spent a second day suffering big queues after a “customer incident” this morning.

TfL confirmed the incident was due to a woman who badly injured herself when she slipped on the escalators.

Flo Bollough tweeted Brixton Blog to say: “#Brixton tube rammo for second day in a row!”

We’d suggest another route to work this morning – the overland train to Victoria is a good option!







  1. The vitriol being expressed is quite laughable really.
    Proper investigation and chats with the station staff soon confirmed that a woman had fallen and hurt herself badly on the escalator. I saw the ambulance.
    I hope all the tube haters don’t get slagged off so much when they have an accident that holds up a tube station for 30 mins.
    ONLY 30 mins!
    Alternate options are HUGE:
    buses – loads
    overground to victoria from brixton – 1min from tube
    overground from clapham high street – 15 min walk
    overground from loughborough junction – 20-25min walk
    stockwell tube – 15min walk
    clapham north tube – 20min walk

    Seriously people, get OVER yourselves and actually pay attention to the myriad of different options to travel instead of being so horrible.

    • I saw the woman in question and she did not look especially badly hurt to me. She was actually laughing in her conversation with station staff.

      But you are right. Really we ought to be able to force ourselves to be happy. When it’s belting down with rain, the doors to the tube station are drawn shut by bellowing Tube staff and a large angry crowd is building up outside, people elbowing you in the back, treading on your feet, puddles on the pavement ankle-deep, then yes really the reserves of mental strength should be there to enable us to crack a grin, to see the whole thing as a wonderful jolly adventure and to look in the bright side.

      This is not vitriol. or perhaps it is. Whatever. It’s just that commuting will eventually rob you of your humanity. It is the closest a free human comes to experiencing captivity. Detestable. Having those vast yellow shutters slammed in your face does not help.

  2. I was at Brixton tube this morning just after 9am. The big yellow shutters were shut and we were told that the delay was due to a “customer incident” (note that we are no longer “passengers”, but “customers”.)

    After a delay, which turned out not to be very prolonged we were allowed into the ticket hall, then down the single escalator. Only one down escalator was operating. The other was closed due to the “incident”. Down at the bottom of the non-functioning down escalator I could see the aftermath of the “customer incident”: two women and a London Underground employee sitting about having a chat.

    At this point I want to write something about the lunacy of what I saw, but I am losing the will to live with every syllable, so here it ends.

  3. So annoying! Today it was being blamed on “passenger action”… What next? Second time I’m late for work in a few days. Grrr…. I want my money back!

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