Brixton Pound holds party as part of Brixton Design Week

brixton poundGuest Post by Brixton Pound

As part of Brixton Design Week, we are hosting a party that celebrates the design work that has gone into making the Brixton Pound a globally recognised initiative. Our award-winning notes feature local heroes as well as beloved landmarks and street art. Through participation in the EU Community Currencies in Action project, which aims to discover more about community currencies and how they can be scaled up, we will soon be launching a new public campaign based around the idea of ‘Brixton Independents’. Both of these design aspects will be on display at the party.

On Thursday 18th September, come and join us at the Grow:Brixton site where there’ll be DJs, drinks, food, as well as everyone connected with the Brixton Pound so far – founders, staff, designers, users and business owners.

The event is of course free and everyone is invited to come and join us. Space however is limited so register for tickets to make sure you don’t miss out!


We need YOU for Brixton Independents!
We will soon be launching our new campaign, Brixton Independents, celebrating Brixton as an independent neighbourhood: with independent people, independent businesses, independent ideas, and independent money.

We need faces for the campaign and would like our users to get involved! If you are interested in taking part, that is: having your photo taken and featured around Brixton, in effect following in the footsteps of David Bowie, Olive Morris et al and becoming a Brixton Pound Hero, please drop us a line at, or tweets us @brixtonpound. Tell us your name, two things about who you are, and what your connection to Brixton is.

We’ll start featuring our Heroes later this autumn in the run up to some very exciting stuff we’ve got planned!