Street theatre comes to Brixton

STREET THEATRE: A fox pops up in Brixton
STREET THEATRE: A fox pops up in Brixton

Walking through the streets of Brixton this week, you may have noticed a fox, a street sweeper and a bag lady fighting for their piece of pavement or pied-pipering a group of strangers around town.

It wasn’t a hallucination. The Beautiful Mess Theatre Company have been performing their pop-up performance ‘3 Scavengers’ all week and will keep doing so at a variety of outdoor sites in Brixton until August 16. Audience members meet at 6 Somerleyton Rd to be taken on a journey to locations where, according to Beautiful Mess, ‘surreal events and encounters await you’.

The piece has been devised in collaboration with Lambeth residents and the learning disabled community in workshops over the course of six weeks. Beautiful Mess was founded in 2012 by Kati Frances and last year staged a play in a Brixton garage.

The event is free so simply turn up at 6 Somerleyton Rd at 2pm or 6pm on Saturday August 9, Sunday August 10, Saturday August 16 or Sunday August 17. On August 13 and 14 there’ll be a secret show popping up at unannounced times, and on Friday August 15 there is just a 6pm showing.