Conviction for thug who stamped on lollypop man, 78

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Robert Philips, from Tulse Hill, was sentenced to five and half years in jail. Pic: Metropolitan police

A violent man has been convicted after his “savage, unprovoked and sustained attack” on an elderly lollipop man on the way home from work.

Robert Philips, 56, of Eccleston House, Tulse Hill, was sentenced to five and a half years in jail for grievous bodily harm with intent and common assault. Philips pleaded not guilty to all offences.

The victim, 78, from Wansworth was walking through St Leonard’s Churchyard, Streatham, when Philips jumped out from behind a gravestone and shouted “Go Away!”

Philips then kicked him to the floor, continuing to kick him all over his body and stamping on his neck.

A passer-by witnessed the crime and hurried to help him. Police identified Philips at the scene before making his arrest in September last year.

DC Chris Stewart of Lambeth CID, said: “I hope that the sentence will bring some reassurance to those affected by this assault, that police will not tolerate this type of behaviour.

“The victim is 78 years old and a well-respected local man who was subjected to an unprovoked attack while walking home from work.

“This attack has resulted in him losing his mobility and job. I would like to thank the victim who has shown incredible bravery throughout this investigation.

“I would also like to thank the witnesses who assisted this case.”


  1. Why on earth was the fact that Mr Phillips is or was mentally ill not mentioned in the original report?

    Isn’t this material to an understanding o the incident?

    • I totally agree lexington Steele the fact they haven’t even bother to mention it is discrasful this man isn’t violent he was ill and has not been represent in the correct way at all

  2. Hi Skye

    That was exactly the point I was trying to make. He never appeared to be violent or threatening, always seemed jovial. I’m not trying to justify his actions, I think both were let down by the system and how we deal with the mentally ill in this country.

    I would add though it is poor of the Brixton Blog to gloss over the fact that he was ill.

    • Thankyou andrew i think it is important for people to know this information. Robert has not heen dealt with correctly within the system causing his actions. I am not trying to justify he actions because they were no way atall right but also we need to realise that Roberts actions where conducted because he was unwell at the time . Thankyou for the support and i am upset the way robert has been presented to the public.

  3. This man was a sick mentally ill man that was not in the right frame of mind. Who has been made out to seem like a horrible and violent man the actions cause where not in he nature and were very out of character for him. this man has a mental illness that has obviously not been managed correctly As it states he was sectioned under the mental health act which shows when this happened he was not very well . It is sad that the victim had to suffer from his actions But before making a judgement that this man is evil and horrible just take that into consideration.

  4. First and foremost my thoughts go out to the poor victim. I know the offender from the local neighbourhood, He had a history of mental health issues and really needed help which may have prevented this disgusting attack.

  5. Isn’t 56 a bit old to be behaving in such a manner?

    What, if anything, was said about Mr Philips in mitigation?

      • No it isn’t.

        My point is isn’t 56 a bit old to be behaving in such a manner?

        What, if anything, was said about Mr Philips in mitigation?

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