Dr Bike comes to town

By Christopher Atkin

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Last week the Dr Bike service team descended upon Windrush Square in Brixton to answer the prayers of local cyclists.

The dedicated team of mechanics set up a stall outside the Ritzy cinema to provide a free assessment of the roadworthiness of the bikes owned by Lambeth residents.

The professional experts identified any problems with the bikes, quickly fixing them if possible, otherwise advising individuals to visit an independent store if the issue could not be immediately resolved.

The popular check-up facility regularly helps over 50 local people with their bicycles during each session.

Frequent bike servicing is imperative during this time of year.

Lambeth’s Sustainable Travel Co-ordinator, Suzy Harrison, said: “Bikes need a bit more TLC in the winter because the wet can cause rusting, salts from the road can cause erosion and wet dirt can scratch your bike.”

Although cyclists are a common sight in Brixton, the area’s lack of Boris Bike stations remains a source of disappointment.

However, Ms Harrison informed us that a feasibility study was currently underway to find space for the docking stations and to support a future bid for funding from the Mayor of London.

The crossroads by the Ritzy can be hazardous for cyclists and demonstrates that London still has some way to go before the capital becomes a cycling city equal to that of Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

Ms Harrison believes that this could be achieved by “prioritising walking and cycling over motorised traffic” and adopting a “road user hierarchy with the most vulnerable at the top”.

If the imminent arrival of spring has inspired you to get on your bike, the Dr Bike team can next be found at Clapham Common on Wednesday, March 5, between 4.30-7pm.

If you are not sure your bike will make it that far, the team will be back at the same time at Windrush Square on March 26.



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