Mixed reaction to bin schemes

cllr walker two

By Tim Dickens

Residents have given a mixed reception to new restrictions to their rubbish collections.

Lambeth council have hailed the move as a great success, saying the arrangements have led to  rubbish being reduced by 20 per cent. More than 80,000 homes in the borough had 240-litre bins replaced by 140-litre versions. They were also given food waste bins for the first time.

Cllr Imogen Walker, cabinet member for the environment, thanked residents for showing commitment to recycling: “They have really embraced this new scheme. I use the service myself and I was amazed at how much food I wasted and how much more I have ended up recycling.

“The roll-out means we have been able to keep weekly waste collections, and can still save money at a time when budgets and council services are under huge pressure.”

The council estimates the restrictions will save £2 million per year.

When The Bugle asked for readers’ comments on the changes we were inundated with responses on social media and by email.

Marion Cronin criticised the new arrangements: “Whilst I appreciate the aim to reduce general waste and encourage recycling, to be left with one small wheelie bin for three households is quite unreasonable.”

But resident Bill Holden welcomes the change: “It’s great for the kids to learn about being responsible and it is making a huge difference to us.”

Alice Hamilton said: “We had two large bins replaced with one small bin that is supposed to cater for all three flats. It’s really not sufficient. When we have to stack the rubbish bags in a pile on the open bin they tell us that we are not leaving it correctly and they will not collect our rubbish if we do it again.”