Brixton Soup Kitchen raising money for van to go mobile

Solomon Smith: founder of the Brixton Soup Kitchen
Solomon Smith: founder of the Brixton Soup Kitchen

The Brixton Soup Kitchen has started a crowd-funding project to raise money for a van to set up a mobile soup kitchen.

The soup kitchen, set up in January this year, is based at Southwyck House and receives about 40 homeless people from all over London every day.

They do not only provide hot drinks and food, but also offer support and advice about housing and employment.

A mobile soup kitchen is needed to reach people who would normally not come into the kitchen.

Solomon Smith, founder and managing director of the Brixton Soup Kitchen, said: “We want to reach out to more homeless people. There are a lot of people around Brixton who do not want to come in to the kitchen because the estate we are based in had a bad reputation in the 80’s.

“We have a lot of clients in Vauxhall, Camden Town and also around Victoria and we want to be able to go to them.”

You can support the fundraiser here.


Brixton’s Soup Kitchen from Mike Cass on Vimeo.