Brixton Pubs in Focus

Brixton’s pub landscape is as wonderful as it is diverse. We’ve recently made a series of features on just a few of the remarkable pubs on offer – so here they are all in one place to ease your pubbing pleasure! Click the links to read more.

crown and anchor 1

The Beehive

Arts Editor Barney Evison caught up with Neil Warshow, who has been the Beehive’s licensee for 7 years, to find out what it’s like running a pub in the heart of Brixton.


Canterbury Arms 

The Fitzgerald family has been running the Canterbury Arms, the long-standing Victorian pub nestled behind the Rec, for over 20 years. We caught up with the Fitzgeralds to find out what it’s like behind the bar.


Crown & Anchor

At just over one year young and with a Timeout “Best London Pub 2013” nomination already under its belt, the Crown & Anchor pub on Brixton Road has established itself as well-stocked gem of a boozer with locals. Tom Dowson investigates.



The Hootananny is a Brixton institution. Arts Contributor Harriet Hall met Sophia Yates, who owns Hootananny with her brother, and is involved in every element of the business.


The Trinity Arms

Built in 1850, The Trinity Arms is named after the Trinity Asylum on Acre Lane, which was founded for poor women who professed belief in the Holy Trinity by Thomas Bailey. It is a landmark that has survived the Blitz and is a much-loved watering hole for old-time locals, young professionals, couples and gig-goers alike. Arts Editor Ruth Waters met Becky Sawyer, manager of The Trinity Arms.


The White Horse

Matt Ward & George the dog have been the landlords of new-age community pub The White Horse for the past 7 and a half years. Arts Contributor Hayley Dean interviewed them for the Brixton Blog and Bugle Pub Special. 


The Windmill

The Windmill pub sits just a short walk from its namesake to the south of central Brixton, and is well-known to new music lovers across London. Arts Editor Barney Evison caught up with Tim Perry, the pub’s discerning band booker, in the Windmill shed under a noisy September downpour.


  1. Hi Matthew and Lucy,

    We’re hoping to do some more profiles of Brixton’s watering holes and we’ll make sure the Prince Albert is right at the top of our list. Any others you’d like to see profiled?

    Hope you enjoyed the feature so far and watch this space for more profiles.
    Ruth x

    • Hi Lucy, as I said to Matthew below – this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means. There are plenty of great pubs not in here, which we’ll be looking to do similar pieces on before long.

  2. Where is piece on the Prince Albert? Pub for long time Brixtonites. Pat the landlady for years was well known. Sadly died some years ago.

    • Hey Matthew – this isn’t an exhaustive list at all! Apologies if that’s not clear. There are plenty of great pubs not in here, but we’re hoping to do similar pieces on them before long. Hope that explains!

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